The HeLa Difference: A Better Option for Your Health

Why HeLa?

When selecting a protein powder, it’s crucial to consider not just the protein content itself but the overall quality and health benefits of the product. HeLa Nutrition Organic Plant Protein Powders stand out in several key areas, making them a superior choice for health-conscious consumers.


Comparison to Competitors

⭐️High in Protein and Fibre⭐️

HeLa Nutrition offers a plant-based protein powder that is not only high in protein but also rich in fibre. While many competitors focus on protein content, they often fall short on fibre. Fibre is crucial for digestion and maintaining steady energy and blood sugar levels, making HeLa’s blend a more balanced option for your nutritional needs while keeping you feeling full for hours.

⭐️Sweetened with Monk Fruit ONLY⭐️

Unlike many protein powders that rely either on added sugars, artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, saccharin), sugar alcohols, stevia or rebaudioside A, HeLa Nutrition uses monk fruit as a natural sweetener.

HeLa Nutrition’s monk fruit sweetening ensures a smooth, natural taste without any bitter aftertaste, making your protein shake enjoyable from start to finish. Additionally, monk fruit doesn’t lead to gassiness or bloating, is calorie-free and does not impact blood glucose levels.

⭐️Healthy and Safe for The Whole Family⭐️

HeLa Nutrition is crafted with the entire family in mind. Children, adults, and even pregnant and breastfeeding women can enjoy HeLa Protein Powder.

Our Organic Plant Protein powder is vegan, dairy free, soy free, nut free, gluten free, grain free, free of artificial sweeteners and flavours, Non-GMO and kosher -- ensuring it meets individual dietary requirements. Many competitors cannot guarantee the same level of safety and inclusivity, and often contain ingredients that some individuals need to avoid. 

⭐️No Gums, Fillers, or Oils⭐️

HeLa formula is free from gums, fillers, and oils, which are often added to other protein powders to improve texture or shelf life but can cause digestive discomfort. By avoiding these additives, HeLa Nutrition ensures a cleaner, healthier product that won’t leave you feeling bloated.


The Best Choice!

When you choose HeLa, you're not just choosing a protein powder; you're choosing a product that aligns with a healthy, sustainable, and inclusive lifestyle. With three delicious flavours — chocolate, vanilla, and natural — HeLa Nutrition caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you're craving a decadent treat or prefer something more subtle, HeLa has you covered.


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Author: Tessa Chousky

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