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Whole food blends promoting Lasting Wellness

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Organic Plant Protein

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Organic Plant Protein

Protein is crucial to Wellbeing

Protein helps to build muscle mass which enhances your overall metabolism to maintain your weight and keep you strong and vital as you age. It is essential for healthy bones and for a thriving immune system.

HeLa’s Organic Protein Powders make it easy for you to incorporate more protein into your diet to maintain lasting wellness.

Great Source of Fibre

HeLa Protein boasts a rich fibre content that is incredibly beneficial in supporting digestive well-being, satiety, blood sugar control, cardiovascular health, and a flourishing gut microbiome.

Incorporating our HeLa Blend into your diet harnesses these valuable advantages for lasting wellness.

Sweetened With Monk Fruit

Monk fruit is naturally sweeter than sugar without impacting blood glucose.

It contains zero calories and it is a powerful antioxidant.

About HeLa

HeLa is Swedish for
Whole, To Heal, To Restore to Health.

We believe in the power of whole, nourishing foods to support your health journey.

HeLa was born to help you achieve lifelong lasting wellness.

Our HeLa Blend

What We're Made Of

Pea Protein

A great source of iron; helps you feel full, supports bloodsugar balance, builds muscle

Hemp Seed

Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; heart healthy, helps maintain lean body mass and brain health

Chia Seed

Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals including calcium; supports the digestive system, heart and brain

Pumpkin Seed

Rich in zinc, selenium, magnesium, and antioxidants; supports sleep quality, heart health and blood sugar balance

Basil Seed

Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; supports digestion, skin health, and immunity

Catering to Your Dietary Needs

Dairy Free

Soy Free


Grain Free

Nut Free

Gluten Free


Gum Free



Happy HeLa customers.
Lisa W.Mother of 4

"This product is AMAZING! Over the years I’ve tried every brand of protein powder out there, but turned a blind eye to all the synthetic ingredients. I’ve was shocked when I read the ingredient list on the Hela Protein package. The all-natural ingredients are definitely the hero here and the taste is amazing! This is the only protein powder that ive ever been comfortable letting my kids use!! BRAVOOOO 👏👏👏"

Sheri B.Healthy and Active Mom

"I tried the Natural. It tasted perfect. I don't like the taste of other protein powders, but HeLa Nutrition Natural had no flavour so I was able to add my own flavour while benefiting from the all natural protein blend and fibre. You have to try it!!"

Lindsay B.New found Love for Protein Powder

"Never had a protein powder I actually liked! This one is amazing, I can't even tell it is in my smoothie. I like a very simple plain chocolate smoothie, and that’s what I got! I enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Will purchase again"

Joanna D.First time using Vegan Protein

"After making my first smoothie with HeLa Nutrition Vanilla, I was instantly hooked. It was a perfect sweetness, but not too sweet and no aftertaste. I can't wait to make it a breakfast routine. Thank you!"

Jaden BWhey Allergy

"I've tried a lot of vegan powders when I was told I had a whey allergy, and I finally found one I like that wasn't griddy or didn't leave an aftertaste. HeLa Nutrition is delicious and perfectly sweet with no aftertaste and mixed really well.I love the chocolate and vanilla. I can't wait to also use it before my workouts. Thanks HeLa"

Leah BBusy mom

"HeLa Nutrition has been such an easy and delicious way for our family to bring wellness into our lives. We love starting our day with a shake using HeLa protein powder and it is the perfect addition to our busy and fast-paced days - helping us feel better and fuller and making it easy for us to to fo something great for our wellness"

Stephanie BNew to Protein Powder

This was the first time trying protein powder. I couldn't resist when I read the minimal ingredients being super clean, organic and natural. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It was sooo good. I'm totally in the smoothie train. Such a great product ❤️

Aaron L.Fitness Buff

I absolutely love it! Best tasting protein powder I have had. And I don't feel bloated after so a bonus. I love the wholesome seed flavour, very earthy! Delicious.

Andrea EVegetarian

The moment I opened the package of HeLa Organic Plant Protein, the rich aroma of chocolate wafted through the air, and I was excited that I had finally found a protein powder I would like. What sets HeLa apart from other protein powders I have tried, is not only its incredible taste, but also the smooth texture that seems to effortlessly blend with any liquid and leaves no chunks or chalky residue behind. The flavour is the perfect balance between sweetness and richness and the high protein content makes this a game changer for my health.

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